IoT Renewable Energy

ICTnexus provides complete Solutions for Renewable Energy.
Integrated and monitored by our Smart Island IoT Network and part of our Energy Management Portfolio

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Solar Power and
Energy Management
ICTnexus offers complete installations of Solar Energy and Storage Systems. Optional as part of a complete Energy Management Solution acording to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®). We optimise and monitor existing Solar-Installations.
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IoT Energy Management Rarotonga Cook Islands
Janitza UMG806 with LoRaWAN® Communication

Power Quality

LoRaWAN® Power Meter
Janitza Power Meter for IoT Energy Management
Janitza® offers you a complete range of IoT power monitoring units with the corresponding accessories. 

Power & Energy

Energy Management
Water Gas and IoT Energy Management Cook Islands
Gas Meter Monitoring via LoRaWAN®

Smart Energy Meter

LoRa® Gas Meter
Multi Channel Energy Meter
Up to 12 single phase channels with LoRaWAN® communication

Energy Management

Multi Channel Energy Meter
Freezer Cold Chain Monitoring Rarotonga
IoT Septic Tank Monitoring and Notification via LoRaWAN®

Cold Chain

Freezer & Fridge Monitoring
Air Condition IoT Energy Management Rarotonga Cook Islands
IoT Monitoring and Control of Air Condition Units via LoRaWAN®

Air Condition

IoT Monitoring & Control
Water and IoT Energy Management Rarotonga Cook Islands
Transformer Monitoring Power Quality with IoT Smart Meters

Power Quality

Transformer Monitoring

Our Renewable Energy Services

Smart Solar Energy Management
as a Service
  • Solar Energy Audit

    If you want your business to make better use of renewable energy or reduce your carbon footprint, our energy audit, according to the New Zealand and Australia Energy Auditing Standard AS/NZS 3598/2014,  is an invaluable tool.  

  • Monitoring & Targeting
  • Energy Management Plan
  • Energy Management System

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